Pink Shoes. Hot Pink Shoes.

Pink is a favorite color of many girls. And now it becomes a classic like red, white and black.

Pink shoes are different

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Pink color can be very different. Pink colors are not used only to create a gentle caramel romantic image. Pink is good at sports and even business style. The most important is to choose the right shade of pink. Now the rage is one of the shades of pink – coral. The coral color is between pink and red. Coral shoes will go well not only with jeans and dress, but also with an office suit.

Another interesting color is a bright neon pink. But this shade is not suitable for the business office style. Neon pink create a bright image of a doll. It’s good for going to a club or a party. This hot pink shoes will work well for blondes and brunettes. But for brown-haired persons fit less intense shades of pink.

Light and delicate pastel shades of pink suit always look wonderful. Shoes delicate candy colors will help to create a glamorous look. Ballet flats with bow delicate shades give the image of romance.

Additionally it should be noted that the pink color is suitable not only for styles that emphasize femininity. He will fit in sporty image. For example, the pink would look good on sneakers and men’s style shoes. Pink shades looks original in military style shoes.

Pink shoes are for the brave girls who love to experiments and for fans of the classics. For example, for a business style, you can pick up shoes in shades of pink, or with design in pink.

Pink color has more than 20 various shades, so any of the women will find “her” pink.

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Do you decide to buy pink shoes and don’t know what to wear? Our simple advices can help you. First, do not dress in all pink. This image of a glamorous doll may look not only funny, but also annoying. You can choose, for example, an ensemble in which the pink-shoes will combine jewelry, scarf or belt.

Also with pink shoes you can wear a jacket, shirt, tunic, top or blouse.

But pink shoe with pink bag now looks rather boring and not a rule of good taste. You can pick up a bag with pink details, such as pockets, or pink stitching. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the color, the choice of the ensemble to the black shoes can stay on classic colors – black or white.

Also, the pink very well combine with these colors: light blue, gray, green, yellow, purple, pale blue, brown and ivory.

Very important is the shade of pink. If it’s light and delicate pink, you must pick a gentle pastel shades in your dress. For the bright pink shoes pick your dress in contrasting black, white or other colors.

With pink shoes will look good tunics, dresses and tops with pink patterns or prints.

In selecting items for the ensemble you must remember one simple rule: the image can’t have more than three colors. Otherwise, you become like a clown, and only very bold and confident girls can afford to combine more than three colors. But the patterns and prints can be attributed to the exceptions to the rule, because often they combine more than three colors.   |   Terms Of Use   |   Privacy Policy