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High heels, fashion in 2013

In the new season, every woman can choose a fashionable high heels. Photos in glossy magazines convince us in it. This shoe is comfortable and emphasize the beauty of the feet. The richness of colors make choose are difficult. A girl can spend hours spinning the mirror in the dressing room. Fashionable shoes of the season in 2013 combines the style of the last century. The same remains urgent style 80-ies of the last century. Very popular high heels in the form of glasses, which is slightly slanted inwards (Nina Ricci). Such models of heels were on height of fashion in the 50’s.

The new season offers a variety of fashionable women evening high heels. Photo shows a model of the ankle by Oscar de la Renta and Donna Karan. Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada to a low heel with lace or a brooch favorably emphasize growth, reminding the fashion of 40-50-ies of XX century. Female legs in high heels will look spectacular with solid stockings or pantyhose. Firm trend of Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik are court shoes. These high heels shoes with narrow toe are also represented in the collection of shoes spring-summer 2013.

Pink shoes for prudes and socialite

Couturiers offer combine pink shoes with white, pale blue and gold. Black and gray are commonly used as a decoration. Material simulating snake skin Still in vogue. These evening shoes will look great. The fashion house Calvin Clein has pink shoes for every taste. Incredibly cute model Missouri fuchsia heels adorned with a small strap and buckle. This shoe is suitable for a young shy, which keeps up with fashion. Patent leather sandal shades of pink powder Prist attract the attention of high platform clogs, which again won the world. Funny look textile shoes Giselle, resembling sneakers.
Many designers love fuchsia. This color goes to owners of tanned legs. Emilio Pucci and democratic Lerre will make your legs irresistible. Pink stilettos from Grey Mer lure luxury snakeskin and sexy open toe. Nando Muzi offers a model of luxurious cashmere high heels original form. These pink shoes are a work of art and are able to transform their hostess in the queen. Gucci and Louis Vouitton take care about the little fashionista. Shoes for princess and moccasins will delight any girl.
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