Pink High Heels


High Heels Pink shoes – always on the wave crest!

Pink became a hit in 2010 and is not going to take their positions in 2013 th. Many fashion houses have fulfilled their collection is in this color. Fashion designers pay great attention to the shoe. After all, shoes are not just complementing the image of the modern woman. They can completely change it or highlight some of its edge. Pink shoes occupy the pride of place in any wardrobe.

Psychologists believe pink symbol of purity and youth. Pink shoes characterize his young mistress, as a particularly romantic, airy person, but not prone to a serious relationship. This girl would rather flirt than something permanent. More mature woman, wearing pink high heels, shows that she is in harmony with herself and with the entire world.

Pink will approach any woman, because it includes a range of about 20 colors: flesh, peach, tea rose, powder pink, fuchsia and many others. Smoky, gray and pink shades are suitable for business toilets. Pink high heels fuchsia shade will look great at a party or disco. Peach and beige tones give the feeling of comfort and peace. Shoes of this color are suitable for family celebrations.

Pink shoes – not that bright

Unfortunately, besides the buttocks tightened, regal bearing and flying gait, these shoes can give a lot of unpleasant moments. Heel-lovers must afraid a transverse platypodia and corns. It’s not only hurt, but also look unattractive. Your pink high-heeled shoes always hold in the tension buttock, calf muscles and muscles of the pelvis and hips. As a result, it can lead to varicose veins. Exorbitantly high stilettos spoil your posture and gait.

What now, throw your favorite pink high heels on the mezzanine? Of course not. Just follow a few simple rules:

– A sense of proportion should be in all! Ballet flats or loafers are suitable for every day. Leave high heels for ceremonial and celebratory moments.

– Prefer shoes, the size of which can be adjusted with the lacing.

– Massage is the real magic wand. It will improve the nutrition of tissues and elevate your mood.318

– To buy pink high heels better in the evening. Feet swell the most of all at this time of day, that’s why in size   you will not go wrong.

– Swimming, more walking.

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